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  • Battle for immunity


    The actors workshop came from our children and were led by Sergey Svetlakov. The film was produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Varya Avdyushko, co-founders of our foundation; and the director was one of the cinematographers from the film franchise “Yolki” (Chritmas Trees), Dmitry Kiselev. We are also pleased to say thank you for his participation in the project to camera operator Vladislav Opelyants, who worked on such films as  "12" and "Burnt by the Sun 2".Roman Nepomnyashchy helped to develop the script The plot of the film is simple: the battle between good and evil, between the body’s immune system and disease –a story the kids on the wards of our hospital know only too well.

  • Companies’ employees will donate salary for one day to benefit children with compromised immunity


    Charity fund “Podsolnuh” is carrying out charitable action “One day for life”. It implies a voluntary action of a company and each its employee who agrees to transfer the value of his work day to help children with impaired immunity.

  • Right on target!


    Starting with February 1, 2013, the “Teva” company and the Sumamed® brand have been carrying out charitable action “Right on target”, aimed to help children with primary immunodeficiency.

  • A picket near the Ministry of Health


    The World PI Week, aimed at raising awareness and improving diagnosis of the diseases associated with congenital defects of the immune system, started on April 22. Lack of recognition of primary immunodeficiencies by the state and the low level of awareness of health workers led to the fact that only a little more than 2,000 people are diagnosed with PIDs to date and receive an adequate treatment.

    Coincidentally, the Week started this year with Olga Mozheyko from Chelyabinsk, a desperate mother of an ill child, holding a picket near the Ministry of Health of the RF. The protest was aimed against the refusal of the regional Ministry of Health to provide her son and all other patients in the region with life-saving immunoglobulin for a replacement therapy.

  • The holiday of beauty


    Spring has come, what a bliss! What a holiday we had!

  • We grant wishes!


    Today a Birthday of Dinara Nostaeva was celebrated at the Department of Clinical Immunology of the FRCC-PHOI. Last week Dinara was released from intensive care, and we were eliciting her aunt and our dearest Anya what present would vitalize the girl to keep fighting. Meeting her favorite band turned to be the only thing on her wish list, and 5sta Family folks arrived today with presents!

  • Our wards are studying film language!


    On Sunday, dearest guest came to the Department of Clinical Immunology at the RCCH. Director, producer, script writer, and the Fund’s founder Timur Bekmambetov presented a unique wonder technology called "film language”.

  • Arkhip


    It's impossible to find the right words… No words can convey our pain and the depth of our compassion to Tanya and Andrey. Last time we saw Arkhip a year ago, just before another unrelenting attack of the virus. Arkhip has passed away this morning.

  • Singer Nyusha visits the children


    Wednesday, January 30 was the day of surprises for the patients of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. Well known singer Nyusha came to visit them. Imagine what the children with no immunity, for whom attending concerts of the favorite singer is a totally impossible dream, felt. And what they felt, when the door opened, and the one they dreamed to meet entered.

  • Charitable Christmas Eve "Action! 2012"


    On January 2, annual Charitable Christmas Eve, traditionally organized by the agency “PR International”, took place in the restaurant “Podmoskovnye vechera”.