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  • Boxing Day


    We had a Boxing Day!! Today, our friends from Detskiy Mir have delivered 25 !! boxes of presents!

  • "Samokat" came to us!


    Yesterday to the Department of Immunology of the Clinical Centre finally came the welcomeguests from the wonderful children's “Samokat” Publishing house. We did not just read books,we MADE them!

  • A bright day in RCCH!


    Our great friends from the "Creative Production Association RED MEDIA" staged a concert atthe Department of Immunology, RCCH

  • The first guests at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Clinical Centre


    24th of April opened the season for visits to the Division of Clinical Immunology, Clinical Centre.The first guests were - a favorite of kids, a speaker at the television channel "Karousel" SergeyDruzyak and actress Alena Konstantinova.

  • We received a letter


    "Children with PID are disadvantaged children, children-soldiers, they fight for every day of theirlives and they need our joined help!" Quote from a letter from the mother of Uliana Rodichevareceived by the Fund on the 12th of April, 2012.In her letter Olga Rodicheva described in detail all the misfortunes, which her family had to facein the fight with primary immune deficiency and incompetence of local doctors. This letter camejust at a time when the fund together with immunologists was developing a program to increaseawareness for medical practitioners in Russia.
    Such story is a part of fate of every child with primary immune deficiency. Just open thepage "Children" and get a careful read of these stories of children's suffering and courage,and ... medical incompetence.And then make a decision to support the Fund and the leading immunologists in distribution ofinformation about the12 warning signs of PID among your acquaintances, and especially amongdoctors of the nearest hospitals.

  • Вкусные подарки для мам


    Восьмого марта мамы наших подопечных из Отделения клинической иммунологии РДКБ получили вкусный сюрприз, собственноручно приготовленный детьми и цветы в подарок от мужской половины волонтеров компании РУСАЛ.

  • День красоты в РДКБ


    6 марта в Отделении клинической иммунологии прошел День красоты для мам наших подопечных. 

  • Признание в любви


    В преддверии Дня Святого Валентина наш любимый мастер Марина Сергеева поделилась вдохновением во что еще завернуть свою нежность и признание в любви. 

  • Ёлок много не бывает


    Кто сказал, что мальчики не любят заниматься рукоделием! 

  • Sky-Express joy delivery


    All the issues with delivery our little wards in RCCH Moscow and back are still being solved by our celestial patron - airline Sky Express. Quickly and carefully.