Good Day


On the eve of the annual Children's Day, May 29 and 30, there was a charity fair “Good Day”, which took place in the Moscow offices of "RusHydro".  In total, the event was attended by nine charities, including our fund, "Sunflower".


The fair was a great success. We told employees about our children and fellow craftsmen and companies donated materials for our stock, so we were able to draw the maximum attention possible to our cause; and oh, how we succeeded! Our “ekochelovechki” – ceramic figures - enjoyed particular success. People plant seeds in these figures' heads, out of which green grass grows like hair. To maximize the sun for our kids, we offered sunflower seeds, which can also be grown. The event also saw a charity auction and the lot that we were auctioning - a bear, kindly donated by Natalia Voronina – bimbled its way home with TV producer Dmitry Khrustalyov. As you can see, the event "Good Days” turned out to be truly joyful and sunny - just what we need for our sunflowers!


Our thanks goes to our artistic artisans, Natalia Voronina, Marina Nikulina Xenia Vorozhevoy, Nina Rudakova and also to companies "Ekocheloveki", "Happy Plant”, and" Admos Advertising Moscow ". The funds collected during the fair will be used to pay for the medication for Dima Mazhejka. Dima was in our hospital for almost eight months and flew home recently. We are helping him so as not to interrupt his vital treatment.