Anyone Can Help!

When people see how much they need to pay for medical aid to their children, they feel just helpless. But in reality anyone can help – and you don’t need to be a millionaire for that! Somebody’s chance to survive, to leave the hospital and go to school, somebody’s dream comes true out of of dozens small charitable acts.

All together we have already helped quite a few. We want to help more, and we know we can help a bigger number of children. But for that we need people who care.

To make a donation

It is already possible to make the first step towards saving a child. These are the options for sending money to children:

If you would like to know the specific recipient – somebody, whose life you saved, visit our reports section, where we publish the Foundations incomes and expenses on a regular basis.

Other ways to help

You may provide valuable support just by not staying indifferent. Tell other about or website; bring a home-made puppet theatre to the hospital; suggest your company management to help our Foundation – all these are valuable and useful actions which can lead to great results.

  • Make a difference

    Turns out, if a child stays in the hospital even for a short time at an early age, he receives a serious emotional trauma that leaves a deep scar on a child's soul. Love and care are the most important remedy in this case. People in hospitals are sympathetic and caring, but even the best medical staff can not give love and care simultaneously to all kids in the hospital. That's why the volunteer Fund Sunflower supports young patients and their parents in every way it can. JOIN US! We need kind-hearted people who are ready to share a piece of happiness with those who are missing the simplest joys of daily life.

    Our volunteers
    Want to become a volunteer - please contact us!

  • Information support

    Write about us and our events! The more people will hear about us, the better are the chances that children will receive assistance in time!

  • Put our banner on your site

    If you have a website, you can simply place a banner of "Sunflower".


  • Corporate Help

    We are very grateful to the companies for whom social responsibility is not just words
    Call us!

  • Offer your way to help!

    We have not considered all ways of help? Do you have any other ideas? We will be glad to hear them.
    Write a letter!

  • Thank you!