News & Events

  • Tasty and healthy charity on the food festival of the "Domashniy Ochag" magazine.


    IFrom 1st to 3rd of June in the Catherine Park the active and positive citizens fought the  wind and rain by the most, tasty and healthy method, dissipating clouds by their  sunny smile on the culinary festival of  the "Domashniy Ochag" magazin.

  • A bright day in the company of Hygiene Kinetics Centre


    Another Bright day took place in the company of cheerful employees Hygiene Kinetics Centre.See it with your own eyes!

  • Children's Protection Day


    Happy Children’s Day! This First of June became a real holiday of healthy positive and gooddeeds! And this Bright Day was made by our dear partners of the ESN Group.

  • "Samokat" came to us!


    Yesterday to the Department of Immunology of the Clinical Centre finally came the welcomeguests from the wonderful children's “Samokat” Publishing house. We did not just read books,we MADE them!

  • Charity picnic in Gorky Park


    On the 19th of May Charity picnic in Gorky Park opened the season of tasty and healthyholidays in the open air.

  • Charity event "We are looking for good wizards!" started


    On the 15th of May, 2012 in the office of UniCredit Bank two colorful stands of sunflowers wereestablished. Each petal of them is a dream of a child to get a toy or a souvenir, because mostparents spend all their money on medicine and treatment, and children often want very simplethings: dolls, cars, flashlights ... anything that wants to have any kid.Bank staff quickly immersed into this activity, and during the first hour more than half of thewishes were taken by the "good wizards" ready to implement all the children's dreams!

  • 26th of April - the Bright day!


    Yesterday at the central office of "UniCredit Bank" on the waterfront Prechistenskaya a charityprogram of corporate activity "Bright Day. More color for immunity!” started.

  • Bright Day. More color for immunity


    On 26th of April at the World Week of primary immune deficiencies (23-29 April) the premiere ofa unique charity event «A bright day. More color for immunity» will take place in Moscow.Initiative of the Fund "Sunflower" was supported by "UniCredit Bank" - known for its high level ofsocial activity and participation in significant public projects.
    Copy General - long-term partner of the Fund, thanks to which all of our materials are printed inthe brightest form.
    Everything is due to bright employees! Sign Up!

  • Charity Georgian feast of taste and joy of life


    On 24th of March at the "Farmer Market" a great charity celebration of taste and joy of life tookplace. Friends of the charity Fund "Sunflower" and "Farmer Market" shared inspiration andmade a class of the preparation of picturesque Georgian dishes.

  • Рецепты вкусной и полезной благотворительности на "Фермер Базаре"


    Благотворительный фонд «ПОДСОЛНУХ» и «Фермер Базар»
    приглашают отведать очередной рецепт вкусной и полезной благотворительности.
    На этот раз с грузинским акцентом.
    24 марта с 14:00